About Aries®

Aries Technology, LLC is a professional services engineering company that designs, develops, manufactures, sells, licenses and leases hardware and software solutions to the Native American gaming industry through its state of the art Aries Gaming NetworkTM (AGN) providing interminable onsite and online, real-time service, support and maintenance of our products, including network and game terminal monitoring and security, jackpot accounting, bonusing, financial accounting, disaster recovery and data warehousing.



Aries is excelling at moving beyond simple games to elaborate video displays that entertain players with exciting animations, sounds and bonus features.



Xtreme Rewards® is your competitive advantage! Easily award your players a variety of goods and services on Aries gaming cabinets.




Aries Upright Video Cabinets

Overhead Signage

55″ LCD overhead sign      [TOP]

Contact your Aries Account Executive for lease and purchase options or email us at AriesSales@AriesNow.com